Resolving InnoDB Error 'The tablespace free space info is corrupt'

Published: 11th May 2010
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InnoDB is a MySQL storage engine and is considered more reliable over its counterparts for the main reason that it supports ACID transactions. InnoDB can recover from problems like unexpected shutdown by replaying the log files. But irrespective of these enhancements, InnoDB stored MySQL databases are susceptible to corruption. InnoDB database engine might fall in serious problems, from which it may find unable to recover from. Most of such problems can be easily resolved if a healthy backup is available. In other situations, you need to apply some other MySQL Repair solutions.

Here is a true example that illustrates how a MySQL database stored on InnoDB engine behaves on getting corrupted. Let's say, you experience some issues with your MySQL database. On viewing the MySQL error log, the below warning message is observed:

InnoDB: Serious error! InnoDB is trying to free page 716
InnoDB: though it is already marked as free in the tablespace!
InnoDB: The tablespace free space info is corrupt.
InnoDB: You may need to dump your InnoDB tables and recreate the whole
InnoDB: database!


Unlike MyISAM that stores data of tables in files, InnoDB uses tablespace. In this specific case, as the error message mentions, tablespace is corrupt.

It is also possible that one of the libraries or binary, the database is linked against, is corrupt, misconfigured, or incorrectly built. It can root from hardware issues.

User Action

If you encounter the above error, try one of the suitable solutions:

Start MySQL in recovery mode, generate SQL dumps of affected databases, delete the corrupt databases, and recreate them by restoring the database from backup.
If data cannot be recreated from backup, backup the database, and run innodb_force_recovery=4 command
In case the repair command fails, use a third-party utility to Repair MySQL Database.

MySQL Repair software are high-end tools that can scan a corrupted MySQL database and restore its contents to a safe location. Using safe scanning procedures, these software prove secure in maintaining the integrity of original database file. Moreover, you can use them in any case of MySQL database corruption.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is a comprehensive utility that can scan and restore corrupted MySQL database contents at a user defined file location. This software can Repair MySQL Database created with MySQL 5.x and 4.x. It can restore all database objects like, tables, views, and others.

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